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Friday, May 22, 2020

Learn to raise yourself

While it is true that there is no one definition or one method of 'right upbringing', some parenting tips can still be very helpful in keeping your life happy.

Proper upbringing requires understanding according to the situation. The same rule may not apply to all of us. Whether it is about caring for someone, expressing love, or being strict; Everyone needs to behave differently. Suppose you are standing in a coconut garden and I ask you, "How much water does a plant need to water?" So your answer would be, "At least fifty liters per plant." After going home, if you give fifty liters of water to your rose plant, it will die. You have to see what plant is there in your house and what are its requirements.

You are lucky to have a bundle of happiness. As such, children are neither your property nor do you own them. Just watch them grow up and be happy. They will not consider their future tomorrow. Similarly, you can express your love with everyone by adopting the right environment of your mind-

1) Create a loving and supportive environment: -

If you are not the only person dealing with others, how can you expect that other people will be happy with you? They will also learn the same thing. The best thing for them is to create a happy and loving atmosphere.

2) Make deep friendship: -

You should stop imposing yourself on others and befriend him instead of becoming his boss. Do not rule yourself by placing yourself on him, but keep him under you so that he can talk to you easily.

3) Do not demand respect: -

Do you want to love others? But many people say, "Learn to respect me." Except that you know more than you do in this world, you have more money than others and you know more guns than you, in which case are you a better creature than them? is more important. Instead of degrading others, they should create respect for themselves and respect them. 

Whether it is smaller or bigger than you.

4) Make yourself likable: -

People are influenced by many things - TV, neighbors, and millions of other things. He will attract the one who likes the most. As a true speech, you have to live in such a way that it will be more pleasant to be with you, move around, have a conversation. If you are a happy, intelligent, and intelligent person then he will not be attracted to anyone else. He will come to you and ask about everything. If you honestly want to elevate yourself well, then first you need to make yourself a calm and loving person.

5) Make yourself smarter and gracious too: - 

People don't know what you say, they believe what you do.

For most people, upbringing simply means meeting the daily needs of their children to eat, drink, and wear. In this way, they are freed from their obligation but are they able to give themselves good habits and values ​​so that they can become self-sufficient and responsible. Often people are worried about what we have not done for people. But we forget what people have not done for us, they have supported us in many problems.

If you expand your mind properly then you can make yourself a better person.

Teach yourself to be in discipline from the beginning, just like when a child starts growing up, from the beginning he gets used to staying in the rules. This attitude is bad. They have to be disciplined from the beginning.

If your life is not full of plans then you will fail. A successful manager or ruler is one who makes plans and updates them continuously. The scriptures say that all can be managed, but managing the planets and the human mind is a difficult task.

In life, immediate happiness, grief, success, and failure are not as important as doing the work that gives far-reaching results and which makes our future beautiful and secure. Prabhu Shri रam did what was just and far-reaching. This is why Lord Rama is revered today for all.

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